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Sadie is particularly intense with her favorite shows!  Sadie's an outdoor girl, excavating rocks from the creek, playing ball, but loves the indoors too!

Doggy Dreams DO Come True

Some people come into our lives and quickly go
Some people move our souls to dance.
They awaken us to understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom
some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon
They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts,
and we are never, ever the same......
author unknown

Buffy HATED the heat (me too!)  and found her new family in Alaska!

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She's doing GREAT!!    It is such a treat having her!    She has totally fit in to our family, and seems to just love us all, and of course we feel the same!

She has been sleeping right by my side at night, and has been just a doll!    She wakes me up to take her to go potty in the morning by just licking the heck out of my face. :)     She and Bandit love wrestling on my bed, and chasing each other up and down the stairs in the house.    My cat Pooky has decided that it's her job to keep Buffy's face clean (she does this to Bandit too) It's really sweet!

Picasso has just been watching her, but I know that he'll warm up to her as well!    We spent the weekend at Dave & Anna's lake house, so she spent a lot of time chasing Bandit, Midnight  (their older dog)  &  Daisy, there new Beagle pup in and out of the lake.    Anna and I took all the dogs in to the groom room on Sunday and we had a doggie bath party, which of course was a blast!

They all looked so pretty  (the girls)  with nice shiny coats.    Poor Bandit though he's the only male in the whole bunch.   Cracks me up!   So, anyway, it is wonderful having her in our home!!! Thank you so much again Toni, for giving us such a wonderful gift!   Dawn....

Arnold  (Moose)  the gentle giant, we'll always be thankful we saved him...this is the poor boy left to die tied with another dog at the bottom of an irrigation ditch.

Thought I would give you the latest!   Well first off it appears as though Arnold might have a name change.   It started off by me saying  "come here you moose"   "your such a moose"   "move it you big moose"   and now you say the word   "moose"   and he comes running.   So we decided to call him moose.

He never responded to Arnold very well.   I think the name is quite appropriate especially when he runs!!   Anyway we had our first Dog Obedience class on Sat.   and am proud to say he did very well.   He was one of the best ones in the class! :)   We are just in amazement at how far he has come.   What a wonder boy!   He love to wrestle with Cory.   You would never believe it until you see it!:)

We have gotten him to swim once, more like a flail.   He is very protective of us and especially me.   He reminds me of the children's book Carl with the baby.   He licks him up one side and down the other and guards him with his life.   He is really quite the fellow. Will have to send you some more pictures.   Talk to you soon.   Tammy,  Montana

Sasha lives with her own mom and new baby brother.   After adopting Sasha, it was discovered her mom was pregnant, her loving family adopted the mom too!

Just a little note to update you on Sasha.    We had a great weekend in Kennewick.    She has fit in like she was a piece of the puzzle to our family.    She rode real well in the van and we stopped at rest areas for her to run and do her duty.    She just wanted to play.   Everyone fell in love with her, us and everyone else on the team.    They want her to be their mascot.    I told them she's still little.

It was extremely warm in Kennewick but we kept her in the shade and wet down, along with her water dish and didn't have any problems.   The kids are already spoiling her, letting her sleep with them at the hotel.   Steven even stayed at the hotel with her during our last game on Saturday.   It was 107 degrees out and he thought she would do better at the hotel.    So, the two of them spent a couple of hours alone.   She's attached to all of the kids but this morning she was whining for Steven because he was asleep and she couldn't get up to him.

I made her sleep in her crate last night because all of the kids got sunburned and she likes to crawl on them at night.    She whined for about 5 min and then quieted down.    She was all happy when I let her out this morning, fed her, and took her outside.

She's a feisty one. She saw another dog at the ballpark, a lab, and started barking like she was going to get 'em.

We love her and thank you so much for letting us make her part of our family.   We'll keep you updated and send pictures.  Thanks again.   Tammy, Longview Washington  (written before mom was adopted)

Jaeger, the guard dog on duty!

This is Jaeger's nightly position, when he's ready to go to sleep he'll yawn and start pushing at us with his feet, almost as soon as we get off, he flips on his back, legs sprawled and will be snoring loudly within a few minutes!   He is absolutely hysterical, we just have to laugh at him every day.   His new thing is to  'talk'  to us, he now will howl when he is excited about something.   I will ask him aquestion, and he will howl the answer back to us!   Jaeger also gets really excited about meeting new people and will howl and start eagerly mouthing them, we have to let them know they're not being bitten, what a clown!

And here is one of our permanent  "office dogs" .    Rockford, is almost a poster Rotti and truly a   "couch Rotti"  That innocent face will chase llamas, otherwise he's perfect.  He loves to show his goofy side!  So you don't think he's just a pretty boy!  We lost our beloved Rocky Paws to cancer in 2007.


Freeze Frame

Don't you wish for one moment you could stop time?   Try this with me.

Call me over to you, right now.   If I'm small enough, scoop me up and hold me.    If I'm too large sit on the floor next to me.

If you have several of me, sit on the floor and call us all over.

Now.    Pet me, caress me and look at me deeply.   Remember the first time you saw me?   Was I a tiny ball of fur or did we meet in a rescue or a shelter?

Or did you find me one day on a busy road, or did I find you?

Now.   Think back to the very FIRST thing I did that made you laugh?

Was it a certain way I tilted my head?   Or the way I nudge you with my paw or body.   Was it you and I playing with, a toy together, or was it something unexpected, like the first time I caught sight of myself in a mirror?

Now.   Think back to a time when you remember of something traumatic between us.

Maybe I was lost for a few days, or maybe I was very sick and you felt that it was my time to pass on.

How did it feel when the crisis was passed and we were once again reunited in safety, or could breath a sigh of relief?

Now.   Think back to a time when you were very sad, or angry or depressed, and I cheered you up?    Was there a time when your heart and soul were so dark, that nothing was able to penetrate the darkness except my warm fur next to you skin?

Or a soft paw against your cheek?   Maybe it was being able to hold me tight against you, while you let the tears come from your eyes.

Did I help make you feel better?

Now.   Think back to a time when you were PROUD of me.   Truly proud; something special just between our two hearts.   Maybe I helped you find something?    Maybe together we became a team and worked to win a contest or trial?    Maybe we worked together for the sheer joy of being side by side?   Maybe I saved a life or maybe I deflected someone from harming you.   Maybe my mere presence made you safe and proud?

Was it some new trick I learned?   Or was it just a gradual clicking of our souls into one?

Now.   When was the day that I truly had become a part of your soul?

So much a part of you that even us being parted more than a day or two made us lonely for each other?

Now.   Are all these memories making you as contented, warm and happy as they are to me?

I notice you hold me more tightly as you think of these things.

Is that a small tear of happiness I see in your eye?   I feel the same.

Now.   Lets for one-minute freeze frame this moment, this single moment.    The feelings, the love, the uniqueness of our relationship.

We will not have this forever, but we can have this moment over and over, while I am here.

Here at your side or in your lap.   Just call me to you and we can relive this often.

I sure won't mind.   As together we grow older and our lives change, we need to remember again, the times, like a living scrapbook.

These quiet times of us together, remembering.   Making little moments of 'freeze frames' in our memories and hearts.

Warmly,  Your Special Pet

May be freely shared or reposted as long as credit is given to:

J.D. Ellis rottweilerdriver@aol. 2003

These pages are continually evolving, we appreciate letters, photos  ( via email ) so your Happy Tale can be included.

Some of them at the bridge are different.

They were beaten, starved, tortured, and unloved.

They watch wistfully as their friends leave one by one, to cross the bridge with their special person.

For them there is no one, no special one.

Their time on earth did not give them one.   But one day, as they run and play,

they notice someone standing by the road to the Bridge.

This person wistfully watches the reunions of friends, for in their life, they had no pet.

They were beaten, starved, tortured, and unloved.

As they stand there alone, one of the unloved pets comes up to them, curious as to why this one is alone.

And as they get nearer to each other, a miracle occurs, for these are the one who were meant to be together.

Their special person, their beloved pet, although on Earth they never met.

With the meeting of two souls, the pain and the sorrow disappears, and two friends are together.

Then they cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

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